Display all escorts in a grid

Add attributes to customize the output:


Click on Theme Options to see a list of all available attributes that can be used.

Display a carousel of models.
[display-escorts-carousel wrapper_id="columns-5"]

Display a 3 column carousel of all models from the two categories “Red Hair” and “Blonde”
[display-escorts-carousel category="red-hair, blonde" wrapper_id="columns-3"]

A primary button
[button url="http://site.com"]Button Text[/button]

Button Text

A default button
[button url="http://site.com" class="default"]Button Text[/button]

Button Text

Display a customized button
[custombutton url="http://site.com" target="self" color="#663366" text="CUSTOM ANIMATED BUTTON"]

If no color is specified then the default color will be used.


To display models by tags use: taxonomy=”escort-tag” with category as the tag name.
[display-escorts taxonomy="escort-tag" category="sweet"]

Display some gradient text. Use the url attribute only if you want to link the text.
[text-gradient url="https://glamorousthemes.com" size="64px" text="Buy AgencySlick"]

Buy AgencySlick

Display a reference of all models in a modal popup.
[reference]Model Reference[/reference]